Agenda & Assignment

Welcome to the Multimedia e-Portfolio site.  An e-Portfolio is a collection of evidence that shows your learning journey over time.  For each of you to be successful communicators in the 21st Century, you will need to become adept in using a variety of resources.  

During the course of this semester, you will learn several new programs and Web 2.0 tools that will help you attain this.  You will post your work to your site showcasing your achievements and reflecting on the learning process.  

Extension of Lesson -

Part I
  1. Students are working on completing their PSA (Public Service Announcement) on approved topics using Powtoon.
    - Digital Footprint (THINK - Before you post)
    - Digitial Footprint subtopics (twitter, sexting, bullying, etc)
    - Mission Statement focus on iCARE
  2. Post your Video Link and embedded code to your Blog (Digital Footprint Assignment 3)
    and reflect on your topic.
  3. E-Portfolio 
    - Add a Page (PSA - Powtoon)

    - Add your link, code and reflection to the Picasa Web Album and Slideshow in Google
  4. Add to Blog - Digital Footprint / PSA Assignment 3 - 
    Post Powertoon and provide a overview PSA.
Note: Prepare to present your PSA to the class on Friday.

Part II
  1. Digital FootPrint Current Event
    Mrs. Marotta's blog

    This week's Digital Footprint topic is the appropraite use of Twitter and consequences.
Below is a tweet sent out by a High School Senior at
Pembrook High School.  A baseketball player stripped of an award after sending out an inappropirate this week.

As part of of our ongoing discusstion on managing your Digital Footprint, we work on this assignment in class this week.

  1. Read the article comments and watch the video
    Note: additional article
  2. Go to your blog and create a post called Digital Footprint Assignment 3 Twitter.
  3. Reflect on the article on your blog.
  4. Do you think the punishment fits the crime and why?
  5. Be prepared to discuss in class.
  6. Submit your opinion using the "Poll" on the sidebar after competing the above assignments.

Older Agenda topics
Spring Class 2014 (January - June 2014 Class List here )
      • Create your Site (name the site ) This link will be added to the Navigation bar
      • Share the Site with your teacher
      • On your home page, introduce yourself. 
        Who are you?  Pay particular attention to sentence structure and word choice.   
      • Write a paragraph describing how you use multimedia in school and your personal life.
      • How do you think you will use multimedia in the future whether it be personal or academic.
      • Include a recent picture of yourself     

Week of February 24th 2014 
1. Extention of Lesson -
     Essential Question - Why E-Portfolio's for collection Student Work?

2. Connecting the "About Me" - Prezi Presentation project (link and code to your E-Portfolio site)

3. Mobile Device - Accessing the School Personal Network and your E-Portfolio Site
    - Depending on the tool (example, Prezi will require the Prezi View to be downloaded to the device)

4. Reflection Post on Site

5. Rubric - Evaluation and School Wide Rubric (Communication)

6. Other: Modifying the logo (Student e-portfolio) 
     7. Connecting link back to the class site 

Assignment -  Create a Blog using Blogger

Mrs. Offt's Class Blog
  1. Blogger under Google Account
  2. Name Nashoba Multimedia Lastname

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