What's Happening in KB?

contact info: sboyle@nrsd.net    (978) 779-2821 x5034
Dates to Remember:
* May 28 - no school-Memorial Day
* June 6 - KB Art Show, 9am at FSS
* June 8 - K-3 field day (rain date June 18)
* June 18 - Volunteer Recognition Tea, 3:30pm
* June 21 - day 180/early release/no lunch/report cards

Schedule: A day-Library (books)B day-ArtC day-MusicD day-Gym (sneakers)E day-Computers; 
                     F day- Gym (sneakers) and Health

A-F schedule: 5/21 - D day; 5/22 - E day; 5/23 - F day; 5/24 - A day; 5/25 - B day
                            5/28 - no school; 5/29 - C day; 5/30 - D day; 5/31 - E day; 6/1 - F day

* Thanks to the parents who were able to come in for our 3 Little Pigs house building. The kids had a blast and the Big Bad Wolf was thwarted once again!

We'd like to ask you to have frequent conversations with your child about what is expected in school as far as appropriate language, appropriate physical contact, having a safe body, and the importance of kindness. We're working hard on our end but your support goes a long way to providing the kids with consistency in expectations. Thanks!

* If skirts/dresses are worn, please be sure shorts/leggings are worn underneath. The children do lots of flipping, climbing, and monkey bars and we do ask that they refrain from these activities if they don't have something on under their skirts.

* With the nice weather (finally!) here, please be sure your child wears appropriate footwear. Flip flops and sandals without backs are not great for school as we go outside every day, the playgrounds are covered in bark mulch, and it creates a hazard when they are running around, jumping, and generally being 5/6 year olds! Sneakers or sturdy sandals with backs are safer and the most appropriate for outdoor play. As always, sneakers on gym days.

* Please be sure your child has a seasonally appropriate change of clothes at school in case of accidents.

KB wish list - replacement scotch tape rolls (for scotch tape dispensers); quart, gallon, and snack sized Ziploc bags; seasonal craft supplies/stickers; Play-doh (varied colors); brown paper lunch bags; Amazon wish lists (go to Amazon, drop down menu 'accounts and lists', 'find a registry or list', type in my name 'Stephanie Boyle', I have 2 lists 'FSS book list' and 'FSS misc. list'); Scholastic.com wish list (access when you order books)

* We welcome parents to come in and read to the class, share special traditions, etc., at any point of the year. Please let us know if you'd like to come in and share something special with the class and we'll find time.

* Here is our 'Show and Share' schedule. I'd like the things that they share to be special as in something they've made, something someone brought back from a trip, something that is special because of a connection to a loved one, a treasured book, etc. not just a random toy they grab from their toy box. Children don't have to share but these are the days that they may if they so choose. 

      A day - Sammie, Lucas, Juliana                              D day - Kylie, Brady, Bryce
      B day - Patty, Garrison, Cece                                   E day - Audrey, Camden, Addison
      C day - Lydia, Aidan, Aerith                                     F day - Olive, Max, Harrison

* There is a Fundations letter/sound poster on the 'Useful Documents' page that you can download or print that will show you the picture cues we use to help the children remember the letter sounds, if you'd like a reference. We don't do the letters/sound in alphabetical order so check in on the 'What Are We Learning' page to see which letters we've introduced.  

* If your child would like to bring in a quiet toy or game from home to use at rest time, they may. It has to fit into a quart sized bag and must be something they can use quietly and independently (no electronics and nothing that makes noise).

* If you are interested in volunteering in the school in ANY capacity this year, please be sure to come in and get the CORI process started ASAP. You need to see Deb Helfgott in the front office to do this. 

* Please be sure to mark your child's lunch menu in their red folder every day. Also, be sure to review the menu with your child so that they know what is being offered and if they want the hot lunch or one of the alternates. We've had instances of children not wanting the lunch after they've gotten it and food being wasted. Thanks!

* Students bring or buy lunch every day and should bring 2 snacks (morning and afternoon) and a water bottle.  Children can buy milk at lunch time but we do not buy milk for snack times. If your child's classroom snack requires a spoon or fork, please send one in their lunch bag. We do not have the facilities to heat or store food items so all food needs to be edible from their lunch box. For the safety of all students, nut foods will be consumed in the cafeteria at lunch and classroom snacks must be nut free.

* If your child is buying lunch or milk, the cafeteria does not accept cash but you may set up a lunch account. You may either send in a check made out to NRSD Lunch or put money in their account online at My School Bucks. I have added the forms for free/reduced price meals on the 'Useful Documents' page. A monthly lunch calendar will be in their red home folder. Please mark it daily according to the key at the top.

* The children go out for recess every day so please be sure children are appropriately dressed for the weather. In the warm weather, water bottles and sturdy shoes/sandals (preferably not flip flops) and in cold weather, long pants/leggings/tights, hats, mittens, and boots are encouraged. We go out every day the weather allows so layers are always good. When the cold weather sets in, if you'd like to send in a bag of items (mittens, hat, snowpants, sneakers, etc.) that can stay in their cubbies, that's fine. 
"There is no bad weather, just inadequate clothing"

* I have uploaded the lunch menu, A-F day schedule, free/reduced lunch packet, district calendar, and Parent/Student Handbook to the 'Useful Documents' page. They can be downloaded and printed as needed. I will upload the new lunch menu each month.