What's Happening in KB?

contact info: sboyle@nrsd.net    (978) 779-2821 x5034
Dates to Remember:
* June 20 - Day 180/early release (no lunch, 11:30 dismissal)/Move Up Day

ScheduleA day-Music; B day-Gym (sneakers)C day-Library (books)D day-Gym (sneakers)
                   E day-Computers; F day-Art and Health

A-F schedule:  6/20 - Day 180/11:30 dismissal

* Rest mats are coming home on 6/16 and do not need to be returned. Please be sure to send the extra bag back, though!

* The children are bringing home information about the voluntary summer math program organized by our math specialist, Karen Walsh-Fortin. If you have any questions you can contact her at kwalshfortin@nrsd.net. The link to the math website is below. It can also be accessed from the FSS website.

* June 20 is the last day of school. The children will meet their first grade teacher and see their new classroom. It will be an early release day with no lunch served (we will have a snack time). The children will be dismissed at 11:30. 

* Any time is a great time to learn to tie shoes! 

* Share time: I would prefer if the items to share are special in some way (from a special person, made by themselves, a book to share, etc.) not just a toy. Also, before they bring their share, please help your child practice what they will say (what it is, why it is special, how they made it, etc.) to make it a meaningful presentation and to practice their oral presentation skills.  The children don't have to share on their day, that's just the day they may bring something in if they choose.
            - A day - 
            - B day - 
            - C day -  
            - D day - 
            - E day - 
            - F day - 

* To report absences, tardies, and dismissal changes, email (FSSattendance@nrsd.net)  and cc both myself and Kirsten. The information will automatically be sent to school secretaries and nurses. You can report both planned and unexpected absences, tardies, and dismissals.  Also, if a change occurs during the day and you need to contact us, please email fssattendance as well as myself and Kirsten by 1:30, if it is after 1:30, call the office directly.

Our morning is fairly long as we don't go to lunch until 12:35. We recommend that you send a hearty, healthy snack for the morning so the children are well fueled and focused on our morning tasks. If your child's snack requires a spoon or fork, please send one in their lunch bag. Please remember that we are a nut free classroom for our snack times. There have been a couple of instances where snacks with nuts have been eaten in the classroom, creating a hazard for those with nut allergies. Nut products are allowed in the cafeteria at lunch time only. Thank you for your attention to this matter. 

* Please be sure your child has a change of clothes here in case of accidents. Also, if your child comes home with dirty clothes, please send in replacements asap.

* If you are interested in helping in the classroom, please send me an email giving me days/morning times that you'd be available. I'll probably put out a schedule for 2 week periods, to try to avoid as many of the the inevitable interruptions and schedule changes as possible. Please remember that if you would like to volunteer in any capacity in the school this year you MUST have a completed CORI on file. CORIs are valid for 3 years so if you completed one previously, check with Deb in the front office to make sure it is still valid. If not, you'll need to come into the office to fill out a form and have your license copied before it can be processed.

* KB wish list

* Full day students will bring or buy lunch every day and should bring 2 snacks (morning and afternoon) and a drink/water bottle. Half day students should bring a snack and drink/water bottle each day. All students will bring or buy lunch on early release days. Children can buy milk at lunch time but we do not buy milk for snack times. Please be aware that we do not have the facilities to heat or store food items so all food needs to be edible from their lunch box. For the safety of all students, nut foods will be consumed in the cafeteria at lunch and classroom snacks must be nut free.

* If your child is buying lunch or milk, the cafeteria does not accept cash. You may either send in a check made out to NRSD Lunch or put money in their account online at My School Bucks. I have added the forms for free/reduced price meals on the 'Useful Documents' page. A monthly lunch calendar will be in their red home folder. Please mark it daily according to the key at the top.

* The children go out for recess every day so please be sure children are appropriately dressed for the weather. In the warm weather, water bottles and sturdy shoes/sandals (preferably not flip flops) and in cold weather, long pants/leggings/tights, hats, mittens, and boots are encouraged. We go out every day the weather allows so layers are always good. When the cold weather sets in, if you'd like to send in a bag of items (mittens, hat, snowpants, sneakers, etc.) that can stay in their cubbies, that's fine. 
"There is no bad weather, just inadequate clothing"

* I have uploaded the lunch menu, A-F day schedule, free/reduced lunch packet, district calendar, and Parent/Student Handbook to the 'Useful Documents' page. They can be downloaded and printed as needed. I will upload the new lunch menu each month.