Welcome to Links II

Our classroom wish list

I've had a number of families ask me what supplies we might need for the room this year, but had held off on giving specifics because it took a bit for me to figure out what would be most useful to us. Our classroom Amazon wish list is now available, so feel free to take a look at what kinds of things our room could use.

our wish list

People Who Work with Us

The Links program is very lucky to have the support of a wonderful team of therapists and related service providers. I'll be adding links to their own websites as they are created. 

Behavior Analyst:

Allyson Bell

 Occupational Therapist:

Paula Pope

Speech Therapist:

Karen Dealy

Physical Therapist:

Shawn Mackie

Room 218 at Mary Rowlandson is a very special place. We work hard, learn something new each day, and are friends that feel like a family. In our classroom, each student is valued for their unique perspective, and their ability to help each of us see the world through a different lens.

Our classroom is a busy, vibrant place. We work on the expected tasks (reading, writing, arithmetic!), but we also work on learning to be members of a community. We learn about caring for others, being kind, and helping when help is needed. We ask questions, think creatively, and explore the world with a sense of really wanting to know how it all works!

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