Here's the latest from 4W...

Reading, Writing, and Spelling

We will continue establishing routines for read-to-self. As a class we have discussed the importance of reading "just right" books and building our reading stamina. We will continue working on how to determine if a book is a good fit. We are also doing some activities reviewing parts of speech so that we can begin some great writing projects! Our first writing project will practice incorporating sensory details and strong descriptive words to describe the signs that fall is coming. In reading this week, we will read a narrative nonfiction article about the Titanic. We will practice answering comprehension questions in complete sentences, and identifying important supporting details in the text. 


We will continue with Topic 1 reviewing place value and rounding large numbers. We will then begin Topic 2 which focuses on addition and subtraction of multidigit whole numbers. Students will spend time working in centers where they rotate through several related activities including small group work with me and practice using the IXL program.

Social Studies
We will introduce the 4th grade states and capitals challenge! The first quiz will be on the Northeast Region sometime the week of October 23 (we will be more specific as the date draws nearer).  Our first Social Studies classes will be spent identifying the states and capitals of the NE region, making flashcards as a study tool, and learning about the region's people, land, and climate.

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