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Daily 5
We are wrapping up our mystery unit this week and into next. Students have been provided with a graphic organizer to track key mystery elements as they read their books. They will use the organizer to help create a summarizing poster as a final product. Next up in reading will be historical fiction. We will use the I Survived book series for this unit. In writing, we are wrapping up rewriting narratives from a different character's point of view. We will also work on writing in math (explaining thinking during the problem solving process) and responding to fiction and nonfiction text.  


As we prepare for Math MCAS in May, we will review concepts in addition to continuing to move forward in fractions and decimals. One way you can help support your child is to encourage them to use IXL to practice concepts. Many kids respond well to "paying for" additional choice screen time at night by spending a set amount of time on IXL or other educational technology. 

Social Studies
The state project is due May 19! Guidelines were sent home a few weeks ago, and these can also be found in the "Forms" section of this website. Students should be prepared to share their work via a short presentation. Our final US region of study is the Southwest. We will also study immigration via Ellis Island in the late 1800s and early 1900s. 

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