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Updated January 12, 2018

Welcome Back! I hope everyone had a fun and restful break!

Reading, Writing, and Spelling

 When we return to school in January, our reading focus will shift from fiction to nonfiction. We will start learning about themes that exist in literature. The students will practice identifying a theme in a story and finding text evidence to support their thinking. We will continue practicing summarizing, finding text evidence, and making inferences. We will also begin studying character and identifying character traits. These will be modeled and practiced extensively with a whole class read aloud, and practiced independently using smaller pieces of literature.

In Writing, we will work on written responses to fiction text, followed by creative narrative writing.


Our next topic is Division. The students will learn the partial products and traditional algorithms for solving long division problems. Most students have either moved on to division in their fact practice, or have graduated altogether. This will provide the foundation that they will need to solve problems efficiently.

Social Studies
The next states and capitals quiz will be the last week of January. Our next unit of study will be immigration, primarily focusing on Ellis Island in the mid-1800s-mid-1900s. Students will learn about the reasons that "push" someone out of their homeland, or "pull" them toward a new place. We have a lot of wonderful picture books and nonfiction texts to help students learn about this exciting time of history. Additionally, we will look at primary source documents and listen to oral histories to gain a deeper understanding of the human experience during this time. 

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