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  • 11/11 Veteran's Day No school 
  • 11/12 Early Release  Parent-Teacher Conferences 1:00-8:00
  • 11/13 No School  Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • 11/25 - 11/27  Thanksgiving Break

Specials Schedule

A Day - P.E. and Music

B Day - Art

C Day - P.E.

D Day - Computers

E Day - Library

F Day - Health 

Welcome to 2-T

We continue to create a caring atmosphere in 2-T.   The children are respectful and working hard!       


We are continuing our Daily Five reading blocks.  The children continue to build their reading and writing stamina.  They are successfully 'checking for understanding' to make sure they are comprehending what is read. Free writing time has become quite exciting!  The students are using the story elements essential to a fiction writing piece.  They are extremely proud of their books and they're very creative.  A focus is still on organization, capitals, and end marks. They're making progress! 

                                                         Mathematical Thinking...

During our mathematical block, we are working on word problems, addition strategies, and have added subtraction strategies to the mix.  They have worked with the Turn-Around rule for addition and did some exploration to discover this does not work with subtraction.  They continue to discover more addition and subtraction strategies such as odd and even patterns.              

Writing is a process, not an event...    

Building on the children's previous knowledge of the writing process, we are beginning to focus on opinion writing pieces.  The goal is a strong topic sentence, three supporting details, and a closing.  Improving editing skills will be ongoing.  Right now, it's complete sentences, capitals, and end marks. They will also be required to edit spelling errors of words with closed syllables (short vowel sounds) and Vowel-consonant-e syllables (long vowel sounds).  



The spelling concept for the next few weeks will be to combine closed and v-c-e syllables. Ex. campfire, complete, etc...   It is important that the students learn the concept and not memorize the words.  When working with your children have them practice breaking down the syllables, spelling one at a time.  The high frequency words will need to be memorized. 



                                              THERE IS NO HOMEWORK THIS WEEK!

The homework packet is sent home on Mondays and due Friday.  Reading nightly is extremely important.  The children can read silently, read to someone, or listen to reading.  Please make sure they stop to check for understanding as described above.   If writing is involved, the focus is complete sentences, capitalization, and punctuation. 

                                                             Social Studies  

We continue our venture into the different types of communities.  They have brought in materials to build Urban, Suburban, and Small Towns in groups.  The construction has begun, and they are enjoying their work.


The study of life cycles will be ongoing at different points throughout the year, but we did head out to our backyard trails to search for seeds.  They learned how they spread, and many ended up with them stuck to their clothes just like the animals.  They saw them blowing in the wind, and we could see how the seeds near the small stream outback could move with the water.   It was eye opening for the children to experience this firsthand.  I think it's something they just never thought about before.  


                                                           Logistical Notes

Each day, we will have a morning snack at 9:30  .  Please be advised that the 2nd grade lunch is at 11:00 a.m. and plan accordingly.        



If you could send in tissues, it would be greatly appreciated.


If your child should come home unhappy or upset about something that happened at school, please let me know.  Drop me an email or give call me a call.  I can be reached at FSS when school is not in session or on my cell (978 424-6881).  A top priority for me is that each child feels safe, comfortable, and enjoys school!

Mrs. Tenen