OUR       KINDERGARTEN        NEWS        2016-2017

     May 26th...... Early Release Day
    June 1st.......Art Show...9:00 to 9:30
                        to view then to the
   June 20th...Last day of school.. 11:30

please send an email to:

Specials Schedule         

A Day- AM Gym, PM Library

B Day-AM Health

C Day-PM Gym

D Day-AM Computers 

E Day-PM Art 

F Day-PM Music 

(adjusted for 2nd half of yr)
Typical Day Schedule:

Greet children off the bus
Settle in and get ready for meeting
Sharing time and Calendar
Discuss Day schedule
Reading Readiness Activity
Table jobs/ small group lessons
Free Choice
Story time
1/2 day friends go home
Prepare for lunch
Afternoon Lesson
Table Jobs/small group lessons
Free Choice

Please find below the link to the virtual backpack that you will find copies of all kinds of information for your child and school


Dear Families,
If you have any questions or concerns please send me an email at cschmidt@nrsd.net.

    Everything going ok with the buses?

**LUNCH:  Please feel free to pack a lunch or go to the website to
   put  money into your child's lunch account if you would like your child to purchase lunch.  Go to our school website.  You will see the link. You can also send cash and we can put it in a school lunch envelope for you.  Please put the cash in an envelope in your child's folder after the first day of school.  If you have any requests regarding lunch purchases or non purchases please put a note in your child's folder.  Lots of children love to choose chocolate milk but parents don't always want their child to drink chocolate milk.  Just let us know... thanks so much.
**SNACK: Generally we have snack in the morning and in the afternoon so our full day friends  need two snacks.  Our half day friends only need one snack every day.

**PLEASE MARK:  Please be sure to pack lunch and snacks separate and mark them so we are sure children are not eating their 
    lunch at snack time!  Sometimes we don't catch them eating their lunch at snack time until half of it is gone... YIKES!  :)

**DISCUSS: You can make discussing what your child is doing for lunch, buying or bringing or just buying milk and bringing their 
    own lunch, part of your daily routine. This really helps with getting our day organized and knowing what we need to order for 
    each child. We will also put a menu in your child's folder and ask you to circle the day if your child will be buying, x it out if not
    and circle just milk if only buying milk. The children seem to enjoy this responsibility as well. They take charge.  Our half day
    friends can do this as well on our early release days because we all have lunch together.

**CALENDAR:  You will find our school calendar on our school website.

I send regular emails every week to update you on our work for the week and any special information, separate from this website. This site will be used to post routine schedules, upcoming events and dates that will be easier for you to reference. If there is anything else you would like information on, please let me know and I will do my best to inform you. 

CONTACT INFORMATION:   Carolyn Schmidt..... cschmidt@nrsd.net
                                      Telephone..............978-779-2821....ext 5030 
Last Day of school.... Our last day of school is June 20th......We have a special move up day on our last day for the children to meet their teacher for next year and see their classmates.
                               Any questions please feel free to ask...Dismissal is 11:30.... My last one......:)  :(
Changes in your child's schedule:  PLEASE please be sure to send us a note in your child's folder with any changes in your child's   
                                                regular schedule: pick up or drop off changes, bus changes, extended day changes.. any changes
                                                so we will be sure to get your child where he/she needs to be at the end of the day. We know
                                                there may be a last minute change to your child's schedule that you can not avoid. If that 
                                                happens, Please do not send  an email, please call the office to let them know and they will 
                                                give us your message.  ( don't know why this typed like this! )

Parent Volunteers:  We love to have parents volunteer in our classroom.  It is most helpful to us to have our parents volunteering in the morning when we have our table jobs.  That way the children benefit from three adults helping during work time. Mrs. Roby sent out schedules to our parents that were interested in volunteering. Anyone else interested?  Even if it is one time please let us know and we will do our best to find a time.
Wish List:  Our wish list for our classroom usually consists of paper towels, paper plates, plastic spoons, napkins, wipes, plastic ziplock bags of different sizes, tissues, small drinking cups.... We have permission to ask for wipes as long as they do not have shea butter, which is a nut.  We could use napkins, and wipes for hands if you are able.  Thanks so much in advance
Scholastic Book Order:  If you would like to order books for your child, at any time, you can visit the scholastic website:
                                  Our class code is: HLM7D               
WHAT CAN YOU DO FOR YOUR CHILD EVERY DAY?  Read together and continue to feed their curiosity. Help your child to figure out how to solve problems, how to resolve conflicts, how to be patient with themselves and others and how to love life!  We hope  to do the same. :)

We are a team so PLEASE keep open communication!  This is so very important to us.  Celebrate!!
All going ok?
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------FUNDATIONS... hows the reinforcement work going for practicing letters and sounds at home?  How's the writing going?  Please help your child with correct letter formation and pencil grip. 

ENVISIONS.... and the workbook at home?  How is that going?  Please don't worry about keeping caught up with us at school. What is most important is the practice and learning the routine of the workbook.  Thank-you again for your help... Try to reinforce the language as well... new vocabulary