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11/16 Pasta dinner - link to ticket request sheet

12/5 chorus concert 7pm

A day - Art
B day - Health
C day - Computers
D day - Music
E day - PE
F day - chorus


After school on Tuesday - Flute
After school on Wednesday -  Trumpet
After school on Thursday - Trombone
After School on Friday - percussion
In school every B day - Clarinet
In school very D day - Alto sax

Welcome to Fourth Grade!

  Welcome back after the extended weekend!


This week finds us working on traditional multiplication two digit by two digit.  We have taught the “area model” strategy again as a way to check our work...it’s a great alternate method, although it take awhile to do, so it will not be our preferred method.  This second method works well however when we are asked to show how to demonstrate multiplication with a visual model and as a way to explain the steps using place value...really helping the kids to understand why the digits are being multiplied together the way they are.


We are also continuing our work in writing and reading.  We will write a summary of a myth independently this week and then we will be ready to use our summary skills as we delve into theme’s in stories.


This is a spelling week, so quiz on Friday.  Math facts, as usual...although many of us are wrapping up our need for those practice sheets as we are demonstrating our mastery of multiplication and division.  Yay!


 Fssattendance@nrsd.net  is the site you can use to report a child’s absence  or change in afternoon routine to the school nurses and the front office.  If you “cc” me as well, that would be great!