August/September News:
WELCOME BACK! I am so very excited for the start of this year and getting to know each of you more! Please know my door is always open if you need anything.
When it comes to math, we will be doing a lot of problem solving, starting with the very first day! Reasoning is so very important and we will be using it throughout the entire year! In particular, we will be looking at operations with integers and operations with rational numbers in the first few weeks. Though it is important that you be able to compute accurately you must also be able to solve real-world and mathematical problems involving these calculations. We will be practicing a lot of this together! Thank you to all of you who worked on the suggested IXL work as you are in a very good place at the start of this year. For those who did not, you still have time! Continue to work through the IXL units as practice is what makes us stronger! 

This year I am happy to announce that two of the math classes will be co-taught with Mrs. Alberts-Pirani. We make a great team, complementing eachother well. We are excited to share our expertise with all of the students and help them go further in their learning journey. Please feel comfortable asking either one of us questions or for strategies. We are happy to assist and we will be sharing many of the teaching roles. Mrs. Alberts-Pirani has her own website which you can access above which has additional resources and information.

In the other two classes we are also blessed to have additional support. I am excited to announce that in one class we will have Mrs. Parson, our amazing instructional assistant. She is available to help all students with the work and really brings an upbeat attitude to the classroom. In the other class, we will have Mrs. Schwarz who is a math specialist and extrememly knowledgable in the subject area. Mrs. Schwarz and I have been together since I started at LBMS and she knows the protocols of the classroom, my policies, and grading very well. Mrs. Schwarz works with seventh and eighth graders so she also knows very well what the students need to know for the following year and how to get them there. 

Rest assured that no matter which class you or your child is in there will be experienced, knowledgable people there for support. Please ask questions and use your resources well! It's going to be a great year!


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