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Specials Schedule

A Day-Technology, 9:33-10:15

B Day-Library, 9:33-10:15

C Day-Health, 9:33-10:15

D Day-Art 9:33-10:15;(Beginning on Oct. 19, band 2:15-3:00

E Day-Music, 9:33-10:15; PE 10:18-11:00

F Day-PE, 9:33-10:15

Class News/What's Happening/Announcements
Welcome to our class website!

The purpose of this site is to foster communication between home and school. My hope is that you will find this class web-site to be helpful and informative.

4th grade band
One of the exciting new experiences that comes with being a 4th grader is being able to be part of the 4th grade band. I am always amazed at how much they grow as the year progresses. Band begins on October 19, 2017, from 2:15-3:00. From then on, it takes place every D day in the 6 day cycle.