Welcome to the 7th Grade Learning Lab

           March-April News     

ELA: In March and April students will be strengthening their research and writing skills as they learn to write an editorial.  Students will be thinking back to their study of Anne Frank, choosing a cause that they feel is important to be upstander about, researching current events to support their reasoning, and writing a persuasive editorial.  They will also be exploring the way different media can portray the same information by creating a video Public Service Announcement that supports the same cause.  
At the end of the month students will be practicing other forms of writing.  They will extend a narrative to reinforce their story writing skills, and write expository essays that analyze the relationship between informational texts they have written.

Each week students will also be choosing and studying personalized spelling and vocabulary words.  Students will be choosing words that they have had difficulty with from their own writing and studying them in order to use and spell them correctly in the future.


In March and April students will complete their beginning study of Algebra by working with inequalities.  Inequalities are mathematical expressions/equations whose solution is more than one number.  This can be a challenging concept as students have often been told that there is "one right answer" in Math.  They will learn to recognize phrases such as "at most", "the least", "this amount or less", and apply their equation solving skills to solve and graph inequalities.  At the end of the month students will again be exploring Ratios and will learn about slope as they study and graph proportional relationships.   

During Math Plus students will continue their study of 2 dimensional figures in Geometry.  They will be learning about different angle forms and using their knowledge to puzzle out the missing measurements of angles. They’ll be reviewing newly learned skills and using IXL, Moby Max and other online tools to strengthen their geometry skills, and to continue to build on their computational fluency.  

Upcoming Tests and Important Dates

   April 28   Math Quiz Statistics    Mrs. McBrearty, Mrs. Alberts



 The learning lab is a place where students come for support during tutorial periods, for extra help when  needed, and for small group ELA and Math classes.    

This web site is designed to be a resource for both students and parents. 

 It is a work in progress. Over the course of the year I hope to add easy and useful links to study tools, study guides, links to school and community resources, and links for parents.

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