2   -   First Day of School
7    -   No School - Labor Day
17  -  Open House
18  -  Early Release - Professional             Development

  9 - Early Release - Professional             Development
12 - No school - Columbus Day

11 - No school - Veteran's Day
12 - Early Release - Parent    
       Teacher Conferences 
13 - No School - Parent Teacher
25-27 - No School - Thanksgiving 


Greetings and thank you for visiting this website!  The purpose of this site is to foster communication between home and school. Our hope is that you will find this web-site to be helpful and informative. Please continue to check the school and district websites, as well as notices home for the most up to date information. 

The Mary Rowlandson Promise

My work is important, I will always work hard.

People believe in me and I believe in myself.

We will not give up on you and I won't give up.

My effort counts so I will always try.

I am proud to be me here at MRE