Welcome to LBMS 8th Grade Science!

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Welcome to the 8th grade Science page! 

Hopefully, you have all had an enjoyable summer and are looking forward to our work together.  We have a very full year ahead in which we will work diligently on Safety in the classroom, Chemistry, Physics and finish up with Astronomy.

Instructional materials used this year:

Prentice Hall, Physical Science: Concepts in Action with Earth and Space Sci Wysession - Frank - Yancopoulos

We are scheduled to have our MCAS exam in May and will be reviewing three solid years prior to that (last MCAS was given in grade 5).  Whew!  Sounds like a great deal of work - but together, we can do it!

Communication between school and home is crucial to the success of our students.  Please feel free at any time to contact me. 
The most efficient way to contact me is via email at dcourtois@nrsd.net.  You can also phone me at:  (978) 365-4558.

I look forward to a wonderful year with you all!


Diane Courtois, Gr. 8 Science

August / September at a Glance:

Welcome back!  We will begin this year with a review of the safety concepts needed for our lab.  Although this concept has been covered in each of the prior years here at Luther Burbank, it is always important to have a refresher! 

We will then move onto study the metric system.  Did you know that there are currently only 3 countries in the world that do not use it and that the United States is one of them?  It will take a bit of time getting used to using it, but once we do - it'll be so easy.  There will be several activities around the use of the metric system - it will be a topic that we will enjoy studying.

We will also be covering other processing skills - use of the scientific method, as well as, the presentation of data with the use of various types of graphs.

Next up: Chemistry