Weekly Annoucncements

Friendly Reminders:

2P’s Show & Share Schedule

2017-2018 Class

B Day: Giovanna, Lillie, Xavier, Allen, & Lucas F.

C Day: Olivia, Aiden, Jacob, Travis, Mason, & Anthony

D Day: Victoria, Briley, Brea, Abigail, Keller, & Lucas R.

E Day: Caden, Maksim, Otto, Marley, Anderson, & Ellia

*Attendance procedure

 to streamline the reporting of absences.  If you know that your child will be out due to illness 
or other reasons, you no longer need to call the nurse or the office in the morning.  Please email 
the pertinent information to FSSattendance@nrsd.net.  If you would also notify me at the same 
time, that will be very helpful.

My goal this year is to create a community of learners who care about one another, celebrate the differences in one another, and care about the environment around us.

I built this website so students, parents, 

and family members could keep up with what we are doing throughout the school year. 

You will find our class newsletter, weekly homework, daily schedule, class events, 

and links to helpful websites. 

I hope that you find this site helpful and will visit often.  

I look forward to getting to know your child this year and working closely with you.


Carolyn Pokorney