Grades K-2

Liz West has been a literacy specialist at the Florence Sawyer School since 1997.  She has worked at all grade levels, but now concentrates her time in grades K-2.  She works both in and out of the classrooms, with individual children and small groups to strengthen and reinforce reading skills.  She collaborates with teachers to support the Daily Five program, the Fundations Program,  and the Phonics Based Spelling Program.  She can be reached with any questions or concerns at

Grades 3-4, K-1

Genie Collins has been teaching at FSS since 2003. Currently she works with grades 3 and 4 in the Emerson Wing and supports kindergarten and first-grade early literacy groups at FSS. The focus of instruction depends on the grade level and incorporates decoding skills with comprehension.  Oral comprehension and written comprehension are both addressed along with word work that supports the phonics-based spelling program.  She can be reached by email with any questions or concerns at 

Grades 5-8, 1

Katie Salois has been teaching at the Florence Sawyer School since 2004. She taught Sixth Grade ELA (English Language Arts) for eight years before becoming a Literacy Specialist. She now works primarily with our upper elementary and middle school students. Mrs. Salois supports the literacy curriculum by teaching and reinforcing reading and writing skills and strategies to individuals and small groups of students in grades five through eight. She can be reached with any questions or concerns at