Welcome to Eighth Grade Social Studies
Mrs. Tully
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This is the book for homework until December.
Online Access
1. Civics Today - Click here for online access  (Recommend Internet Explorer if having difficulty loading pages.)
2. Input Access Code: D5F4874F2A  

If you can't get online above -   click on link below

American Nation Online - It works!
www.pearsonsuccessnet.com  - Note the user name and password are case sensitive.
User Name:  8Cookies  Password: FlorenceSawyer8


American Nation Online Exam Practice - Go to the Webpage - www.PHschool.com and put in the web code for the exam.  The web code always begins with MFA and the number is ____ (chapter #) and 04

Homework  September 21-29

The Legislative Branch

Wednesday's homework due Thursday, September 21, 2017
Study for exam on US Constitution (chapter 3)  Look at Pear deck 
and PowerPoint practice.

Thursday's homework due Monday, October 25, 2017
Read chapter 6 section 1 (pp 176-183) and answer questions 1-5 (for number 1 define words).
Link for chapter 6 is located above.