Compare and choose: A Home Loan Guide for 2017

A Home Loan Guide for 2017

As soon as looking for property to buy a home, banks offer housing loans. It may be at times high. When choosing a choice, the competitor is heavily dependent on what banks have to offer. Comparison work turns into a cakewalk and we have decided to go closer to a stage to reach your dream home.
30 lakhs and tenure up to 15-20 years for the loan amount.

Floating interest rate - 10.15%
This rate is provided by the following organizations:

EMI works as EMI 975.

SBI raises the loan amount to 25 lakhs or minimum INR 0.25 percent of the processing fees. The processing fee for the loan amount of more than Rs 25 lakh is Rs 3,250. Citibank charges 0.25% of the loan amount. ICICI, HDFC and PNB Charges account for a 0.5% loan fee as processing fees. However, HDFC has a maximum of Rs 10,000. However, Axis Bank and HSBC charge INR 10,000 or 1% minimum processing fees in total loan amount. DHFL charges INR 5000 plus document charges and taxes and India Bulls charge 7,500 plus taxes.

Floating interest rate 10.20%
This rate is provided by the following organizations:

1) Federal Bank

2) Bank of India

3) Yuko Bank

4) Canara Bank

EMI per lac Rs 978 / -

Federal Bank and UCO Bank charge 0.5% of the loan. The minimum amount is INR 3000 and INR 1500, maximum INR 7500 and INR 15,000 in both banks respectively. The Bank of India has decided to cancel the processing fees on new loans sanctioned till March 2015.

Floating interest rate 10.25%
This rate is provided by the following organizations:


2) Punjab National Bank

3) Allahabad Bank

4) Central Bank of India

5) Corporation Bank

6) Union Bank of India

7) United Bank of India

8) Bank of Baroda

9) Oriental Bank of Commerce

10) Kotak Bank

11) Dena Bank

12) First Blue Home Finance

13) Syndicate Bank

14) Indian Overseas Bank

15) State Bank of Travancore

16) Indian Bank

EMI per lac Rs 982 / -

IDBI, Punjab National Bank and Oriental Bank of Commerce have new processing fees. The State Bank of Travancore does not charge any processing fee up to a number of Rs 25,000 and United Bank of India canceled the processing fee for the loan amount up to Rs 75 lakh. The processing fee ranges from 0.25% to 0.5% of the loan amount. Allahabad Bank will charge a loan of 0.6% to Rs 12,000 each. Overseas Bank of India raised 0.58% loan on loan of Rs 10,190 per loan.

Floating interest rate 10.26% -10.30%
Standard Chartered Bank offers 10,25% housing loan with 5500 rupees processing fees and service tax. EMI 982 works.

Vijaya Bank charges 10.30% and works as EMI Rs 985. Processing fee 0.25% loan amount is INR 10,000 / -

Floating interest rate 10.50% and above
1) Deutsche Bank offers a 10.5% interest rate and INR 12,000 plus taxes flat processing fee. EMI is EMI 998.

2) The Bank of Maharashtra offers 10.55% (up 25 Lacs) and more than 10.75%. EMI will act as 1001 rupees and INR 1015. Processing fee 0.25% loan amount INR 25,000 / -

3) ING Wise provides 10.75 percent, which will work for EMI 1015. The processing fee is 0.5% of the loan amount.

4) Development Credit Bank and Dhanalakshmi Bank offer 11.50% offer and 1% of a processing fee. EMIC per EC 1066

Fixed rates on offer
1) LIC Housing Finance 10.10 percent (2 years fixed) 2) HDFC Ltd 10.15 per cent - 10.65 per cent (fixed for 2-3 years) and 10.25 percent - 10.75 per cent (fixed for 10 years).

3) Axis Bank 10.40% (fixed for 20 years)

Look for festive offers when processing fee is canceled and always negotiate for good rates. Request your bank officer to share the full details so that there are no surprises in the form of hidden charges and pre-payment charges. Learn about special rates applicable to self-employed individuals and women.

Hope this helps you in exploring what's best suited to you. You seek luck and happy homes!