Oh CT&D!! Another Tech Tool?! Yes indeed!!! J
In this new series, a CT&D Instructional Designer/Technology Trainer will show you how to stay up to date with the latest FREE educational technology tools, best practices, and ideas on how to integrate into your classroom. Each week on Wednesday, from 12noon to 12:45PM (unless noted otherwise) , you will be introduced to a tool you can use to be more efficient and increase student attainment and success. The trainer will cover topics like the flipped classroom, finding and creating videos, social media Dos and Don’ts , social bookmarking, screen capturing, collaboration tools, cloud storage, Blackboard best practices, just to name a few.

Blackboard Learn Tips and Tricks   841771   Wed July 23

During this first Blackboard Learn Tips Session, you will learn quick tips and tricks on how to effectively use Blackboard Learn. Also during the Webinar there will be a Q/A time for BbL questions. Last a list of available workshops and support sessions will be shared.
What is a Webinar? 
A webinar is an online informational/training session that you can participate in from home, the office, or your campus CT&D Lab.
What topics will be covered?
A variety of topics will be featured in these Webinars.    

Sounds great!  When can we register for sessions? 
Register now for the sessions listed on this page.
I've registered, now what?
You will receive an e-mail from the facilitator with a link to Join the Webinar the day before the event.

I would like to participate in the session in the CT&D Lab for technical support, is that possible?
Absolutely!  This is a great option if the Webinar is scheduled during open lab hour.
 Check Lab Schedule.