Video and Lecture Sharing Sites

Video Sharing Sites

Some very good online lessons can be designed by finding the right video, followed by activities that provide opportunities for students to practice, reflect, and/or apply.      There are many excellent short, targeted videos available.     You might need to wade through many that are not so good or relevant.. but keeping digging for diamonds.

Watch this short YouTube Video- - How do our Students Learn?.

If you haven't searched for video lessons to include in your instruction from YouTube, TeacherTube, Google, or various other sources for video feeds, then you are in for a surprise.  An amazing and evolving collection is available.     See 100 Best YouTube Videos for some examples.   Additionally, a new section has recently been added to YouTube to bring together content from over 100 college channels.  See

Also see article - Five Best Educational YouTube sites

Lecture Sharing Sites

In addition to finding video clips to build lessons around from Video Sharing Sites, there are an increasing number of high quality complete lectures available.     Maybe there is one out there that would work for the lecture portion of a blended class, perhaps freeing up classtime for discussion ?? 

More Resources.   - HippoCampus.. Full classes, lectures, videos and more.
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