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The Internet has made plagiarism easier than ever before. The ease of downloading and copying online information has led to a virtual epidemic of digital plagiarism.   Instructors at MDC now have access to Turnitin.com plagiarism detection software.   See video on Originality Report to see how this works. 
Using Turnitin with Blackboard Learn
This is the best (easiest) way to use Turnitin in your Class - 
New CIOL Turnitin Workshop - Now includes Grademark 

CIOL Workshop:  Turnitin: Write, Mark it, Cite it -   

CIOL Open Labs  - Contact one of the CIOL Instructional Designers for assistance -
However, if you are not using Blackboard, Turnitin can be used following the instructions below.  You will need to Signup for an account using the MDC password for your campus and set up your Class(es) and assignments.
Outside of Blackboard.
Step One
Sign up for an Account -(MDC employees only)
Step Two - View the following movies (that are included in the Instructor Guide) for instructions on:
Resources  -
Turnitin.com - links to these and many other resources can be found on the Turnitin.com Web page.
-   Blackboard Instructor User Manuals 


Viewing an Originality Report Short Video (03:27)


Other Links

What is Plagiarism?

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