Web 2.0/Free Tools

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Educator's Review of Web 2.0 applications
Show and Tell  (these are applications that MDC contributors have used or reviewed)
Blogger - Used by many around campus including the Kendall Library Blogs and Classroom Blogs - contributed by Rhonda Berger
Tag Cloud - Kendall Library

Wordle - Make beautiful word clouds
Doodle - Use for setting up meetings and finding best times from a number of people.  Contributed by Ruth Ann Balla
Blist - Online database for private use or sharing.  Lots of templates.

Slideroll - Online Slideshows. Create slide shows with your photos.
Dabbleboard - Online whiteboard for drawing and team collaboration 
(Contributed by Maggie Smith)
WaxMail - Love e-mail but hate typing? Try audio e-mail with Wax Mail (Contributed by Maggie Smith)
Whiteboard - drawing, text, symbols, images, math tools (Contributed by Maggie Smith)

Plagium - Track plagiarism qickly and easily (Contributed by Maggie Smith)

Quizinator - Online quiz generating made easy (Contributed by Maggie Smith)

Shoshiku - A smart way for students to keep track of their homework and assignments  (Contributed by Maggie Smith)

Manymoon - Team collaboration; project/task management; Google App friend  (Contributed by Maggie Smith)

Screen Toaster - One-click screen capture; embed to blog or website (Contributed by Maggie Smith)

Dropbox - Store, sync, backup, and share your file anywhere (Contributed by Maggie Smith)

Intute - Find the best websites for study and research  (Contributed by Maggie Smith)

Sclipo - Find eLearning tools to help you teach better face-to-face and online  (Contributed by Maggie Smith)

If you have any questions on the information on this page, please contact msmith8@mdc.edu. Last updated on February, 2010.

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