Teaching and Learning with Technology 2.0

 New T&L 2.0 Workshops

  • CTD0147   Jazz up your Presentation with Prezi
  • CTD0200a  New Technology Tools for Teaching and Learning
  • CTD0205d Screen Capture Learning Objects
  • CTD0205e Online Collaborative Tools
  • CTD0205f  Text to Animated Movies!!
  • CTD0205j  Twitter in the Classroom and Beyond
  • CTD0205K Tumblr Multimedia Microblogging
  • CTD0207   NBC Learn: 80 Years of Broadcast History
  • CTD0230j   Finding Free Resources: Podcasts
  • CTD0230m Finding Free Resources: Classroom Game Templates
  • CTD0270a  2 in 1: Capture and Podcast Your Lectures
  • CTD0363   Create YouTube Channel for Class Videos

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