Teaching and Learning Resources

CIOL has licenses for an extensive network of resources for teaching and learning.     Some of the links below require a username and password.   The login information is included on the internal (Sharepoint) pages below.   If you are accessing these links from off campus, you may need to login using your MDC credentials -    mdcc\username and password.
Starlink Website -  The STARLINK network currently provides over 150 hours of professional development programming annually to 220 member colleges and universities in twenty-four states and Canada. Plus, through the U.S. Military and embassies we provide training in 22 countries around the world.   MDC Starlink Resource page (includes password information)
Teaching for Success Website -  TFS is a membership-based online Faculty Success Center.  An E-library houses more than 10-0 pages of practical, developmental resources organized in 12 easy-to-use formats - from concise resources such as Smart Phone Mini tips, QuickTip Slide Stacks, QuickAnswers and QuickTools to more indepth adn interactive learning aides such as QuickCourses and QuickStudies.  New resources are added weekly    MDC Teaching for Success -  (includes password information)
TLT Group Online Resources   TLT - Teaching and Learning with Technology is a collection of membership-based and open resources (copyright - Creative Commons)    See -  Brief Workshops/Learning Modules/E-clips   
Magna Mini Courses