Surveys - Qualtrics

Qualtrics Survey Research Tool is available for MDC faculty and staff.  (Flashlight/Skylight replacement) 
For more information about Qualtics see -
How to Get an Account
2) Click the link to Create an Account - be sure to use your MDC full email as UserName i.e
3) You will receive a confirmation email - follow instructions to verify your account.

 Qualtrics makes it easy to create, distribute and analyze surveys and results.   You can also choose to Collaborate (share creation and editing rights) with other Qualtrics users at MDC.   Additionally,you can create a Group for your department or area which will allow you to collborate on surveys, share mailing lists, messages and libraries.
If you would like a Group set up for your area, please have users requests individual accounts, then request the Group -  Group Request
See CTD Help Desk and Open Lab Schedule if you would like additional assistance.
Qualtrics can also be used to create a Poll.. (example below).
View Qualtrics Poll
 Training and Resources    
Live Webinars on Basic and Advanced topics are available daily.  See Training page