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"Downloading Publisher Test Banks"    The leading textbooks in higher education have test banks available in Respondus format. Learn how to request and download a test bank. View Now

Respondus Lockdown Browser

Student version of the LockDown Browser.

This version can be installed on PCs, Macs, Labs and Classroom computers.

It functions the same as the Testing Center version, but can be used on non-testing center computers.


USAGE: Faculty may want to have students in a classroom or lab take exams with the LockDown Browser.

Each computer must access the supplied URL to download and install the student version on each machine.

INSTRUCTOR RESOURCES are available here:


Respondus LockDown Browser uses a standard Windows or Mac installer that can be

downloaded by faculty or students from the following link:

See instructions on how to setup Respondus Lockdown Browser below.


1) Importing Word Files - The import feature is a fast way to bring exam questions from Microsoft Word into the Respondus 4 application. From there it takes only a few clicks to publish the exam to your online course.


4-Minute training video:

Article with step-by-step instructions:


2) Respondus Test Bank Network – The leading textbook publishers make their test banks available in Respondus 4 format. This service is available for free to instructors who use Respondus 4. Simply search for the textbook being used in the course and request access to the test bank. Once the publisher grants access, instructors can use Respondus 4 and the test bank to easily create online exams. Here are several resources you can share:


Test Bank Search:

4-Minute Training Video:  

Full training webinar:

 Demo Movies  - including Creating Questions, Importing Questions, Publishing to LMS, Moving Exams from one LMS to another