Tips for viewing

The Panopto Lecture Capture application provides a variety of tools for viewing and finding information from the presentation.  It is advisable to watch the video the first time in a linear fashion; however, if you choose to review, the Panopto Lecture Capture systems provides some tools.

If you choose not to view a Lecture Capture video in one seating, you can start and stop and then fast forward to where you left off.    

1) Enlarge the Powerpoint window by clicking on the Enlarge Tab.

2) Scroll PowerPoint Slides:  Scroll through the PowerPoint slides.  Once you click on one of the PowerPoint thumbnail image, the video will advance to that point.

3) Search for a term:  Click the Search Tab and search for terms in the Powerpoint and go directly to that point in the presentation.  

4) Scroll through the Time Codes: Click back on the Content Tab and scroll through the time frames to select a time code in the presentation