Record a PowerPoint with Panopto

1)  First Launch the Panopto Recorder, then follow the steps listed below and pictured on the right.

1) Choose Folder (if you have more than one)

2)  Name Session.  If you forget this step, you can edit the Session Name later.

3) Choose Video (optional)  -  and Audio source (not optional).     

4) Check Audio level  (not shown, but bars should be "in the green".     If Audio level is too low or high - You will need to adjust volume in the Control panel - See How to Adjust Volume in Windows 7)

5) If you are Capturing PowerPoint only,  Check Capture PowerPoint and uncheck Capture Screen.

6) The easiest way to begin Capturing a PowerPoint is to not have the presentation running and click Open a Presentation

After you click the button to Open the Presentation, you will see the dialog box to locate your Presentation.

After you launch your presentation, you will see a  message to Begin Recording?  - (picture below.)      

Click Yes

Your PowerPoint will display in full screen mode and your Recording will begin.

You will not see your picture.. but it will be recording  also... so   SMILE !!.

Note:  You can also Capture Screen (only) or Capture PowerPoint and Screen.     If using these options, you will need to click the Record Button when you are ready to begin, then minimize the Panopto Recording window.   More detailed  Instructions from Panopto linked in this folder.