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 About Odyssey Training
Training sessions on the Odyssey Finance System and the Odyssey Time and Attendance will be held for department preparers and authorizers who are new in their roles. The Odyssey Finance System training and the Time and Attendance training will occur on a monthly basis on different campus on a rotation schedule.
Finance training will typically be scheduled on the 2nd Friday of the month; Time and Attendance will usually be scheduled on the 4th Friday.   There will be an occasional deviation from this pattern because of holidays or campus/college conflicts.  

See Schedule:
Who needs training?  For training in the Finance System, it’s anyone who prepares or authorizes department requisitions, disbursement requests or budget transfers.  For training in Time and Attendance it’s anyone who prepares or approves payrolls.  

Before individuals can participate in either training, they must have a College security RACF User ID.  To get an application form for the ID, go to the web at http://www.mdc.edu/it


Finance Training Handout - updated 4/6/11 with Linux login

Time and Attendance Handout

Campus Training Teams
Campus Training Teams consist of two Finance Trainers (approver and preparer) and two Time and Attendance trainers (approver and preparer).    The same trainers often teach Finance and Time and Attendance.    In addition to conducting two training session per year at his or her campus, these Campus Teams will also assisting individuals one-on-one when needed.
Odyssey Web Applications
Linux - Presentation and Handouts - including How to Sign On  - Resource Page


 Summary of Differences

Difference from Mainframe 


Cannot use mouse to position cursor on the screen

Use tab or cursor keys

Home key- takes you first open field

Cannot use Page Up and Page Down keys

Use F8 or Enter Key for Page down

Use F7 for Page up

Cannot use End key to position cursor at the end of a field

End key takes you to direct command line

Cannot use Control key and P to print screen

Use the Secure CRT menu bar, click on print screen icon

F14 – Foot Print (shows who made the last change in a maintenance screen) was shift-F2

Use Control F2


Cut and Paste data

Cannot use control C and control V

Use control insert key to cut,

use shift insert key to paste or use the Secure CRT menu bar (edit, copy, paste)


Highlighting text 


Highlighting text wraps around to the beginning of the next line


New option for user submitted jobs

Can submit jobs to generate an email with a PDF file of the output by setting “printer destination” to “PDFPRT”, also serves as a notification when job completes


Automatically submitted (control M) jobs/reports will not print in the data center


Use Odyssey Web Report Viewer

Link: http://odysseyweb.mdc.edu

Job number is not on the job submission screen

Job number shows on the Odyssey Web viewer along with user id of the person that submitted the job