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Blackboard Workshops:  

There are two versions of the required Blackboard training for any use of Blackboard at the College: Web-enhanced, Blended or Fully Online.      Either workshop allows the use of Blackboard in Web-enhanced classes and one or the other is also a pre-requisite for Blended and Virtual Certification.   Faculty can choose either workshop; however if someone is new to online learning, BBL30000 - Blackboard Introduction is recommended.

Find Blackboard Workshops:  Workshop links are listed below. The links will take you to the MDConnect login page, then directly to the workshop listing to enroll.  (On Campus or VPN only)  You can also logon and search for other listings including advanced topics.

  1. Log on to (from on-campus).
  2. Click the Learning Dashboard Tab
  3. Click Find Learning (left side of screen under Quick Links)
  4. Type Blackboard in the Key Word field
  5. To Enroll in any of the current workshops - Click Enroll button

BBL3001  - Blackboard Learn Essentials  

The online Blackboard Essentials will cover the basics of using Blackboard as an instructor and is a pre-requisite for other workshops such as Blended Strategies and Virtual College Certification. It will be open entry/open exit and will be available for the full semester. Although the workshop is self-paced, there will be a Question and Answer Discussion board that will be monitored for anyone needing assistance.  

Fully Online
  • BBL3001-30   Blackboard Essentials   Online/Self-paced version runs all semester.  Registration open from 5/1 – 7/24

Blended (2 hours in class and 1 hour online)
  • BBL3001-34       Blackboard Essentials - Blended  - Medical Campus - 6/05
  • BBL3001-32    Blackboard Essentials - Blended - Kendall - 06/06
  • BBL3001-33  - Blackboard Essentials - Blended  - Homestead - 07/05
  • BBL3001-35     Blackboard Essentials - Blended - Wolfson - 07/07

BBL3000- Blackboard Learn: Introduction for Instructors.  

This 15-hour workshop will provide a comprehensive introduction to BlackBoard Learn.   Modules include:  Navigation; Building Content; Communication and Collaboration; Assessment and Gradebook.  This workshop also provides instructors practice using the LMS as a student.  Modules and discussions are facilitated and sessions are scheduled monthly.   

Scheduled Sessions

  • BBL3000-16 Blackboard Introduction - Fully Online 05/08
  • BBL3000- 17 Blackboard Introduction - Fully Online 05/25 
  • BBL3000-18 Blackboard Introduction - Fully Online 6/05

Blackboard Learn Intermediate/Advanced topics. (BBL3000 or BBL3001 are pre-requisites)
Gradebook and Advanced Assessment Sessions can be located by following the Find Blackboard Workshop instructions listed at the top of this page.

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Open Lab hours and location

Rhonda Berger
Bertha Sanchez - Kendall/Homestead -
Chris Cruz - North/West -
Denise Eaton - North 
Victor Nwankwo - Wolfson/Medical
Gloria Kitchen - Hialeah/InterAmerica -
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Blackboard HELP

Getting help with Blackboard Learn is as easy as 1  2  3 
  1. Attend a  Intro, Essentials or Topic Workshop -
  2. Visit a CioL  Lab on any Campus or make an appointment with an Instructional Designer. 
  3. See MDC Handouts as well as  Resources below

CioL  provides a variety of face-to-face Orientation sessions, Workshops,  and one-on-one Consultations to support the faculty using Blackboard.  See links below for more information

 Instructional Designers

Bertha Sanchez - Kendall/Homestead -
Chris Cruz - North/West -
Denise Eaton - North 
Victor Nwankwo - Wolfson/Medical
Gloria Kitchen - Hialeah/InterAmerica -

Blackboard Learn - Handouts, Links and Videos

Blackboard YouTube Playlists

Blackboard Help by Topic - Start Here - Videos, Screenshots and more

Recorded Bb Webinars for MDC

Blackboard Learn Ondemand Learning Center  -   This website is full of short videos and handouts for Blackboard Learn.     
Feature Showcase - Easy to read interactive display of top features
Mobile Features - Discussions, Email, Content and more.   See features
Latest Features - New release 8/14
Innovative Teaching Series -The program consists of free weekly faculty training webinars that are taught by faculty and supported by Blackboard experts. Webinars are also recorded.    Tracks include Getting Started, Collaboration and Assessing Learners
Faculty Success Center   Up-to-date information from Blackboard  including FAQs, and quick videos, training programs and more. 
Cohort Programs -  Programs run from 4 to 6 weeks and consist of virtual sychronous and asychronus collaboration. 
Resources from other Colleges and Universities
USC Bb Help - Good Resource for Faculty Using Blackboard - 

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