Accessible Not for Some, but for All

Tutorials for Creating Assessibly files (Word, PowerPoint, Video, Web and more)

You will most probably have the opportunity to work with online students who may be color-blind; or may not be able to hear or see, use a keyboard or mouse or move at all, or be able to process some types of information easily. For these students, opportunity, in the form of accessibility, truly changes everything.

Fortunately the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) has developed Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) to help us create webpages that are accessible to students with disabilities (blind, color-blind, and deaf). The WAI guidelines are considered the international standard for Web accessibility.

This MicroSoft Tutorial describes the WAI guidelines for vision, hearing, mobility, cognitive and language, and seizure disabilities.

Note: The tutorial includes audio components; please plan accordingly.