Accessible Not for Some, but for All


You will most probably have the opportunity to work with  students who may be color-blind; or may not be able to hear or see, use a keyboard or mouse or move at all, or be able to process some types of information easily. For these students, opportunity, in the form of accessibility, truly changes everything.

Below are some resources to help us develop accessible content including Web pages, Word documents, Powerpoint presentations and more.

You Tube - Captioning.   You can type your own captions, upload a transcript or use automatic captioning.     Captioning by any of the 3 methods can also be edited.   


Creating accessible PowerPoint presentations


Universal Design for Learning - Colorado State University

Creating Accessible Content - Five College Consortium

Webinar Recording - A Systematic Approach for Creating Accessible Videos.  - Johnson Community College

Blackboard Accessibility Tips  -

Creating an Accessible PowerPoint - FAU