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End-of-term/ Beginning-of-Term recommendations


Beginning of Term (for Web-Enhanced Only)

Step 1 - Develop your content in a Web-enhanced Development Course

After completing the training, Faculty members request and create content in a Web-Enhanced Development Course - See Request form. Faculty members can request a Web-Enhanced Development Course for each course they teach (ex. ENC1101). There will only be one Development for each course for each instructor.

Step 2 - Designate class as Web-enhanced in Odyssey

ANGEL works together with MDC’s Registration System (Odyssey). Integration between Odyssey and ANGEL supports creating Live Courses by automatically enrolling students registered for Reference #’s associated with ANGEL classes. Faculty and Instructional Designers do not add registered students to ANGEL classes. Here are the steps:

--After class selection, Faculty members send a request to their Chairs to have a class Reference # designated as Web-Enhanced in Odyssey (VE).

--After the class is designated correctly in Odyssey, a Live Course associated with that Reference # will be generated, and all registered students will be listed on the ANGEL Roster. Students cannot self register or be entered into the class manually. The new Live Course will appear on your ANGEL Home page automatically if you are the instructor of record. Once a Reference # is designated, please allow one business day for it to appear under your list of courses when you log into ANGEL.

Step 3 - Copy Development Course into Live Course
Prior to the beginning of the term, faculty will copy the content located in their Development Course into their Live Course. This step will need to be completed for each Reference #. See Copy Course Handout for step-by-step instructions on this process. You are welcomed to stop by any of our Open Labs for assistance on this step.

IMPORTANT - ANGEL Student Support
It is the Department of Virtual College (and not CT&D) who handles all student-related ANGEL issues. If a student is encountering problems, especially with a log-in issue, here are the options:
1. Online: The student can submit a "Trouble Ticket" detailing the issues through this link:   
2. By Phone: The student can call The ANGEL Student Support Desk at: 305-237-3800.
3. In Person: The student can visit the Department of Virtual College at Wolfson Campus in Room #3704.

End of Term:
Export / Save or Print course activity
  1. Export and download course - Manage Tab/Data Management/Backup|Restore/ - Once the file is backed up, be sure to download a copy to your local drive or CD. Very important.
  2.  Download and Save a copy of your Syllabus
  3. Download and save your Gradebook - Manage Tab/Course Management/Gradebook/Export Grades
  4. Other files to consider saving Discussions Threads - Go to Discussion/Utilities/Print Discussion Forum (creates an html file) 

Preparing for next Term

  1. Don't forget to request that your new reference numbers are Designated VE in Odyssey.  This process generates a blank "shell" associated with each reference and populated with registered students.
  2. Initialized the new blank reference number course with your most up-to-date content.    You DO NOT have to copy your current course back into the master.  In fact, ANGEL is recommending that we do not copy back to the Master as this will eventually create "bloated courses" containing unnecessary data. Instead, make sure your current course from the most recent term is "lean and mean" and use that course.    In other words, delete all unnecessary content, duplicate items - including test bank questions, etc.    You do not have to delete any student data or interactions.    The Import process will not bring over student data
  3. Follow the Copy Course Handout process to initialize your new course.  Make sure you start this process from the new BLANK course.  
  4. Update and check your new course for any needed date changes.. etc.
  5. Have a great semester.
Important - Please do not backup or copy courses during Finals Week.
These instructions are for your Web-enhanced or Blended Course -- Please contact your instructional designer in the Virtual College for specific questions and assistance with VC courses.  Contact Dr. Haydee Navarro ( ) if you do not know your instructional designer.