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Copy Course

Copy Development Course content into new LIVE course (with a reference number)

1. Go to your LIVE Blank Course that was created from Odyssey (with your Reference number - NOT your development course).

2. Click on "Manage".

3. Click on "Import Console" under Data Management section. 

4. Choose "Copy Course" hyperlink.

5. From the Copy Course screen, choose your development course (Your Course ID Web Enhanced Your Name) from the "Source Course/Group" drop-down list.

6. Leave the two options that are there checked.

7. Click "Copy". 

8. Click "Exit".

You need to check later to see if your content is there (it might take up to 24 hours to see your copied content).

What is AFTER?

Once your import is complete, there are a few items that must be fixed before your course can be ready to go. Here are some things to consider:

- No More Quizzes in ANGEL 7.4.

All quizzes must be converted to assessments. ANGEL may force you to do this immediately after you import your content. 


- Change Your Profile to Advanced

1. Be sure you are logged on to ANGEL. Select the "Preferences icon" on the left.

2. On the next screen, click on "System Settings" .

3. Select "Advanced" option.

4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Save".


Apply a Theme to Your Course:

To ensure that the students will view your course properly, apply a theme to your course. If a theme is not applied, your course may look "plain" to your students and this may cause some course navigational problems.

After your content is imported to ANGEL 7.4, go into your Manage Tab and select Course Theme Selector:

Find a theme that you like and apply it to your course (Click on Use this Theme).


Check Your Gradebook Categories:

At times, the import clears your Gradebook Categories to 0. This does not happen in every import, but it's good to check this anyway.

1. Go to the Manage tab.

2. Select the Gradebook hyperlink.

3. Select "Categories" Hyperlink.

4. Make sure the Gradebook Categories are all in order and not set to zero (you might want to refer to your Syllabus).


Problem with Content Access Dates:

You need check all Access Dates for all content items. The Access Dates control when item links are visible to students. This will affect any type of content item in the Lessons area of your course.

Go to any content item and click on its Settings hyperlink.

(Make sure your view is set to Advanced) and click on the Access tab:

The dates under the Access tab might be wrong. How to fix the dates:

1. Uncheck the dates that are displayed.

2. Click on Save.

3. Go back to the settings and change the dates as needed.

4. Scroll down and click again on Save.

Last, but not least… Verify all content and make sure everything is correct.