Workshops   - What ANGEL workshops are required to teach Web-enhanced, Blended or Virtual College courses?     See Requirements
CTD0320 ANGEL Introductory Instructor Training * - This 15-hour workshop is offered several times each semester.  It is usually offered as a fully online workshop; however  Face-to-Face and Blended versions are offered at rotating campuses.     Other workshops in the ANGEL series are listed below.
ANGEL Support Sessions -  Get your course ready for the new term.
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CTD0323 * - Plagiarism Prevention: Using Turnitin in ANGEL

CTD0324 *  ANGEL: Gradebook and Reports

CTD0325 * ANGEL: Agents, Tokens, Environmental Variables

CTD0326 * ANGEL: Assessments and Question Bank

CTD0332 ANGEL: Top Tips for Managing Your Course  

CTD0332a ANGEL: Top Tips for Designing Your Course

CTD0333 * - Strategies for Developing Blended Courses 

CTD0319   ANGEL Navigation Basics
CTD0322   ANGEL Demonstrations   - By request
Please Contact Virtual College for information about Virtual College Certifcation and Developing workshops
 * - Approved for Faculty Professional Development hours
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ANGEL  Resources and Handouts

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Please see the ANGEL Users Group for Tips, Tutorials, and Discussion Forums.     This Group will be located under Community Groups on your ANGEL Home Page if you have taken the Introductory Course.
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For assistance with other ANGEL issues for your Web-enhanced or Blended course, please contact your Instructional Designer/Trainer or see the Lab Technician in the CTD Labs for assistance.

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