Dear Parents and Students,
Please click the link below to watch a video slide show that explains all rules and procedures for my class.  
Here is a copy of the presentation in the video.  Welcome Presentation (printable)

Mrs. Kerrie Vicknair
4th & 5th Grade Teacher
St. Charles Elementary School

In the calendar below, Blue is for 4th Grade, and Red is for 5th Grade.

4th and 5th grade tests

Science Docs

Chapter 2 Science 2017

Social Studies Docs

Chapter 1 SS Power Point

Which John Smith is Telling the Truth?

Chapter 2 Native Americans

Chapter 2 Mayans, Aztecs, Inca

Chapter 3 SS Age of Exploration

Assignments and tests dates are tentative and subject to change based on the amount of material we cover in class.  Thank you for understanding.