(Assignments in RED are for a GRADE!)

The Week of Feb.11th to Feb. 15th
Monday- Explore the Flower Gardens/ Discuss why you should care about whale poop?
Tuesday- Read and answer questions about abiotic/biotic factors
Wednesday- Read, discuss, and answer questions about abiotic/biotic factors, eco-pyramid, relationships in the ecosystem. Take notes/Power point in Forms/Docs 
Thursday- Complete handouts on ecosystems, draw an eco-pyramid (be sure to label each level and write a description) Due: Friday
Friday- Write an extended response on relationships in the ecosystem (must be on loose-leaf paper) Due: Tuesday 

The Week of Feb. 18th to Feb. 22nd 
Monday- Participate in Panther Hunting Game
Tuesday- Read, discuss, and answer questions about food webs Take notes/Power point in Forms/Docs 
Wednesday- Continue food webs, Review thus far
Thursday & Friday- Complete handout on food webs, Make food webs ***(will need a small poster board or half poster board) Due: Monday

The Week of Feb. 25th to 29th 
Monday- Read, discuss, and answer questions about population growth and resources Take notes/Power point in Forms/Docs 
Tuesday- BIG REVIEW ***STUDY***
Wednesday & Thursday- DISTRICT TEST
Friday- (teacher out) Alternate Assignment: complete handout then read AR book