Please make sure to keep all reference materials given to you in class in your binders!  (CUBES, It Says, Study Guides, Homework Tips, Notes, etc.) You will need them throughout the school year.

Homework grading has changed:  The new grading systems is as follows: I will only assign 1 problem fro homework.  If the problem is correct when I check it the next day, the student gets an A.  If the problem is not correct or not done, the students will have the opportunity to rework/work the problem during bell work for a C.  
If the student was absent from school, then he/she will work the problem during bell work.
Welcome to my Web page for 6th grade Math class. I will be using this page to keep you updated with what is going on in the classroom, assignments, and upcoming tests.
Every minute is important! Please:
1. Listen carefully.
Know when to talk (and when not to).
2. Quickly follow my directions.
There’s a reason for them.
3. Come to class prepared.
Don’t expect others to save you.
4. Treat classroom and people
with respect.
It feels good to be nice.
5. Do not ask to leave the room unless it’s an  emergency.
Believe me, it’s not worth i
Tenative Test Dates:
Module 4~ Topics A-C )
Lessons 1-8
Nov. 27, 2018


Due to the accelerated material for this class, your child will have to work on Mobymax (test prep) whenever he/she has free time. (At home or school)