Toledo Herpetological Society

Next Meeting: 
Thursday, April 23rd 7pm

The purpose of the Toledo Herpetological Society (THS) is to educate the general public and the organization’s members regarding the ecological role, proper care and breeding, and legal issues pertaining to reptiles and amphibians; to provide an open forum for the exchange of resources, information and ideas concerning herpetology; and to adopt guidelines for the proper care and breeding of reptiles and amphibians.  ( ...and to have some fun along the way... :)

General meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of every month  (September - May) at the Toledo Natural Science Technology Center - 5561 Elmer Drive, Toledo.  Click here for map.  Meeting dates are subject to change based on content, weather etc.  We will do our best to email any changes to our regular meetings.

During the months of June through August, instead of holding general meetings, we often schedule
demo's to help educate the public about reptiles.  We use our own reptile pets and, often, this is the first time a nervous youngster gets to hold a real reptile.  And if we do our "job" right, the child overcomes their "fears" and become a life-long reptile enthusiast!  We've all witnessed these "modem day miracles" and it's what keeps THS going. 

Why Should I Join THS?

While the purpose and goals of THS are lofty, the reason to join is simple ... socialize with like-minded people!  Where else can you meet to talk with people about snakes, lizards and amphibians without getting "funny looks"? 

In addition, THS offers substantial discounts on feeder insects & rodents; monthly meetings that educate and entertain; demos to help teach the public about our scaly (and sometimes slimy) friends and much more.  

Please consider volunteering in some way, whether it be as board member or demo help.  We know you'll be glad you did!