Welcome to Fourth Grade!
¡Bienvenidos a cuarto Grado!
Please take a moment to get to know our 4th Grade Team

Profe Kristina - To be update

Profe Roberto
- Welcome Letter
As a teacher in LILA since 2012, from 3rd to 5th grade, Math and French in middle school and lastly 4th grade, I have worked with several maturation stages. I grew up in Spain, in a little town called Irun, right in the French border. That gave me the opportunity to go to school in France. Like in our school, I enjoyed a true immersion in a foreign language. I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Education and later studied Sports Training. Then I finished a Master’s degree in research, which relates a lot with our curriculum based in inquiry. Children have always been inspiring for me, and I enjoy working with them. At the same time, I try to be demanding because I particularly like to have committed students. Sports, specifically Judo, have made me especially fond of courage, temperance and justice; all of which coincide with the IB learner profile attributes and attitudes.

Profe Stewin

Profe Cesca
- Welcome Letter
I started in LILA as a 3rd grade Ambassador, then I have been teaching 4th grade for the last four years. I grew up in Spain, in the Mediterranean area close to Barcelona. Involve on Educational activities since I was 16 years old, this is my passion. First it was as a Girl scout, then as a tutor in summer camps and I also worked in a school camp for 2 years. I studied socio-cultural activities to help the community and then I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Education. I have had the opportunity of work with Children in a range of environments that I have enjoyed and I feel like I learn every day from them. This is why I love my job! LILA gave me the opportunity to enjoy children in two environments, not only academically but also socially which, for me, is a unique opportunity. I look forward to keep growing as a teacher and better deal with student's individual needs.

Liu Laoshi - Welcome Letter
Hello! I have taught at LILA since 2016 as fifth-grade Chinese immersion teacher. This is my first year to work with fourth-grade team and I am excited about it! I’m from China, my hometown is called Yinchuan, a beautiful small city located in Ningxia province (north-west part of China).  I graduated from the university of Minnesota with my master of education in 2016 and applied my teaching licence after I graduated. Before I work for LILA, I have two years of experience teaching Chinese in grades 4-12 at public schools and weekend schools in Minnesota and one year experience to work as a graduate assistant for the Confucius Institute at university of Minnesota. I believe that language is the key to understanding culture and aims to facilitate a deeper knowledge of how traditional Chinese culture has impacted modern life.

Language ambassadors

Spanish Ambassador Gonzalo

 Chinese Ambassador - Tianqi Wu