[Update March 6th, 2016]
Great job, everyone! Congratulations on a show well done.

Strike will be TUESDAY after school from 3:15pm to 4:00pm. All cast members must attend strike. See your directors if you need to work out another time.

[Update March 4th, 2016]
Saturday Call Time is at 12:30. Eat lunch before you come. Dinner is at 5:00.

We are all out of goods to sell at the intermissions of both the 2:00 show and the 7:00 show tomorrow. Please bring baked goods for the bake sale!

Your first two shows went very well. Sleep in and get some R&R!

[Update March 3rd, 2016]
Friday Call Time & Dinner is at 5:00pm. Nice job tonight. Get some rest & stay healthy!

[Update March 2nd, 2016]
Call time for opening night on Thursday, March 3rd will be 4:30pm. This means that all cast members must report to the auditeria by 4:30pm at the latest. Dinner will be provided at 5:00pm. Students are asked to change into their costumes after dinner.

Thank you for arriving promptly at 4:30. There are several transitions and a few scenes that we need to clean up with Leads and Elementary students before our first performance later that evening!

Remember to bring your t-shirt money to Mrs. Pina. T-shirts are $12. Mrs. Pina is also taking donations for dinner. We still need financial help in providing dinner for the cast on performance nights. Thank you!

STAY HEALTHY, EVERYONE! If your child is home sick this week please contact Mrs. Larimer-Kelly ASAP at Larimer-kellya@glenlake.k12.mi.us

[Update February 20th, 2016]
Your child should have the schedule for the remaining two weeks. If you can't access Pinwheel, hard copies are available outside of the choir room. Please read the schedule carefully!
  • All cast members must attend all rehearsals for which they are scheduled. All cast and crew members must attend all performances. Communicate with Mrs. Larimer-Kelly ASAP if you have any conflicts or transportation concerns. (231) 334-3061 ext. 128 or Larimer-kellya@glenlake.k12.mi.us
  • Unless otherwise notified, cast members should be in full costume for all tech and dress rehearsals.
  • Call times for each performance will be announced the week of dress rehearsal. Plan to arrive at least an hour before each performance. Be aware that you may be called earlier.
  • Stay healthy and BREAK A LEG!!!
[Update February 1st, 2016]
Several of you have contacted us, asking about volunteer opportunities. We will be communicating our volunteering needs with you over the next week through a note home and this website. Thank you.

[Update January 28th, 2016]
We have sold the front and back inside covers of the musical program! Please continue selling advertising space. These ads pay for much of your production. The Wizard Of Oz is the most expensive show we have licensed so every little bit helps! Remember that each cast member needs to sell one page of advertisements in our program by February 12th. That means 6 business card sized ads, 4 quarter page ads, 2 half page ads, or one full page ad. You are welcome to sell more than a page. The student that raises the most money by selling ads will receive a gift certificate and free tickets!

If you need more advertising forms, they are located on the Important Information page of this website (see the link on the left).

[Updated January 26th, 2016]

It has come to our attention that some of you are having a difficult time using the Pinwheel schedule for the Wizard Of Oz. We are working on the problem and we will be printing off hard copies of the rehearsal schedule until the issues are solved. The hard copy schedule will be available on the table outside of the choir room.

If you are experiencing troubles with Pinwheel, please contact Mrs. Larimer-Kelly directly. We can't fix problems if we do not know they are happening. Thanks :)

[Updated January 20th, 2016]

Great job to all of the students who auditioned for the Dance Ensemble. Look on Thursday, Jan 21st, for the posting of the Dance Ensemble list outside of the choir room. Also, please check out the new page on the My Lakers Wizard Of Oz website for Dance and sign up for the Wizard Of Oz DANCE calendar on Pinwheel. (For Pinwheel help see Mrs. L or check out the Rehearsal Schedule page)

[Updated January 12th, 2016]

Happy snow day, Glen Lake! Snow days are great examples of why you should bring your script home with you every day. Please use your extra time today to practice what we have gone over!

Remember that all updates regarding rehearsal cancellations will be communicated via Pinwheel. If you have not yet signed up, please head to the Rehearsal Schedule page found on the left hand side of this website. There you will find instructions to sign up for Pinwheel as well as a tutorial from Mr. Molter. If you are having issues signing up, please use the tutorial to help you. The Wizard Of Oz calendar is entitled "2016 MUSICAL"

Stay safe and warm!

[Updated January 8th, 2016]

Thank you, to all of the parents and students that attended the meeting on Thursday. We discussed many important things including the rehearsal schedule, advertising, volunteering and communication. We will continue to communicate through this website, where you will find all of the important information. The GLEN LAKE MUSICAL THEATRE Facebook group will also periodically updated with very general information. The 2016 MUSICAL Pinwheel calendar will continue to be our main way of communicating the weekly rehearsal schedule. If you have not done so, please make sure that you have created an account and have subscribed to the 2016 MUSICAL calendar.

Volunteers, thank you for volunteering your time and efforts to ensure this production is top notch! We will touch base with you soon!
This is the official website of the Glen Lake Community Schools production of The Wizard Of Oz!

The musical is open to all Glen Lake students grades 4-12.

For more information, use the navigation on the left hand side of this page. Please be aware that this site will be updated regularly with more Audition, Rehearsal, and Performance information.