Today's Students will master essential core skills including social behaviors while adapting to a dynamic world. Kenmare Public School will foster communication skills through technology, basic and critical thinking. Our school will develop leadership, independent learning and instill values and life skills in Tomorrow's World

School registration for both schools will be held at the high school building on Monday, August 15 from 9am-12pm for elem grades, 7th & 8th grade & 1pm-3pm for elem grades, 9th & 10th grade. Then again on Tuesday, August 16th from 9am-12pm for elem grades, 11th, & 12th grade.

There will be a brief orientation held for 7th & 8th grade students during their registration time. Students will be able to find their lockers as well as classrooms. Upperclassmen will be available for tours and questions in hopes of easing the transition from elementary to middle school.

Did you know you can access your grades from your smartphone?
Simply download the free powerschool app available on both android and apple devices. Then login and have up-to-date access to grades and more!

Welcome to Kindergarten Open House will be held on Monday, August 22nd from 5:00 to 6:00pm. Our new students and parents are welcome to come meet their teacher, see the classroom and drop off supplies!