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The library has several books with various legal and other forms. It also has a copy at the Information Services Desk of Indiana Practice Essential Forms with information on child custody, visitation and support, guardianships, wills, and other legal documents.

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A petition is a formal written request for a court or other governmental body to order or grant a particular action. While local courts do not require a specific form, certain information is required by statute to be included in the body of some petitions.

A sample petition is available on some word-processing programs or by clicking here. Information will need to be changed or added to the sample to fit a particular situation.

  • Points that need to be included in the petition may be found in the Indiana Code dealing with the subject of the petition.
  • Other forms also may be required in the filing of the petition.
  • The library does not know the names or types of forms needed.
  • This form is provided only as an example of how a petition might be formatted.
  • Judges also may require that an attorney be involved in the filing of certain types of petitions.
  • For more information contact the court clerk or the judge’s office for the county in which you will file the petition.

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  • Docuticker published reports from government, NGOs, think tanks, research institutions, public interest groups
  • INSPIRE (Indiana's Virtual Library for articles, NetLibrary, Resume Builder, Basic Computer Skills tutorials & more)

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