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"Sphero Edu provides a toolset that is unbounded in its potential. While coding and 21st Century skills are necessary, our program also goes beyond code by incorporating robotics and technology with collaborative STEAM activities, nurturing students’ imaginations in ways no other education program can." - Sphero EDU

This small ball robot offers a variety of different driving modes, games, and educational facets. Do not let the programming stop you from checking these out. Your Instructional Technology Facilitator can work with you and your students. Some of the programs are simple enough for Pre-K students and others difficult enough for high schoolers. Check them out and see how much fun coding can be!

Sphero Basics

Sphero Mini

Sphero Lessons/Activities by Subject & Grade Level

14 Sphero ideas for your classroom: from 

1. Explorer Challenges – Elementary students can create Mayflower boats to sail across the sea. High schoolers can travel along the Silk Road to avoid the plague. Students can test their knowledge with interactive quiz games. Sphero Hero Garrett Gross put one together called the 13 Colonies Sphero Quiz.

2. BreakoutEDU – Sphero takes your BreakoutEDU activities to a whole new level. I created one where 6th graders had to solve math problems to get into the large breakout box. The large box gave them the Sphero. Students then programmed the Spheros to complete a maze that led to the smaller box to breakout.

3. Nonfiction Text Exploration – Students often struggle with understanding the concepts in the text they are reading. Coding something that relates to the text will deepen their understanding. Sphero Hero Leah LaCrosse did this in her 8th-grade science class by having students create a device for cleaning up garbage either in the water or in the sand. To foster understanding she used books and articles about recycling with her students. Students then coded the robot through their challenges.

4. Character Traits – Sphero Hero, Megan Lowe’s class studied character traits with Sphero. Her students used block coding and the draw function to create code based on the characters in their books.

5. Growth Mindset – Teach your students about the growth mindset by combining great picture books with coding. For example, “The OK Book” by Amy Krouse Rosenthal talks about what the main character is ‘ok’ with. Students can write growth mindset books based on their Sphero coding adventures.

6. Physics Lessons – Students in Sphero Hero Lauren Marrone’s physics class use Sphero for all parts of physics by analyzing vectors, force, motion, and momentum. Sphero Hero Nick Palczak created “What’s Your Function” with Sphero to challenge his students.

7. Current Events – No matter what is happening in the world, you can incorporate Sphero into the lessons.  For example, while studying the Olympics, students competed in their own Sphero Olympics. Sphero Hero Josh Stumpenhorst’s (@stumpteacher) class created 3D printed bobsleds for the Olympics.

8. Science Exploration – Travel to Mars in this creative activity. Sphero Hero Julie Willcott (@WillcottJulie) combined it with the book “The Martian” by Andy Weir.  Check out the activity portion of the SpheroEDU app for even more science ideas.

9. Creative Arts – Painting with Spheros is a fun way to engage your students in creative projects. While studying “The Lightning Thief” by Rick Riordan, my 6th graders Sphero painted shields.  Sphero Hero Peter Abt (@pabt65) explains how to paint with Sphero on his blog Teaching with The iPad.

10. Engineering Challenges – Students can create anything they can imagine around the Sphero.  One example is Josh’s Battle Bots and Peter’s Make A Bot.

11. Math Calculations – Sphero Hero Subash Chandar (@elsubash) uses Sphero in his algebra course.  Students complete tasks with the Sphero, record their data and complete their calculations.  

12. Mapping Activities – These activities combine geography, math, and culture.  Students work on their critical thinking and collaboration skills.  Students in my 5th-grade class designed dream road trips across the United States.  They used Sphero along with Keynote and Buncee to create presentations of their data.

13. Games – Doing a review for a test?  Have students use Garrett’s Multiple Choice Game to quiz your students.

14. Learn Languages – You can use Sphero to not only learn the language of coding.  Check out this community created color game with the Spheros.

Looking for more ideas? Check out the activity section of the SpheroEDU app. The community of educators and Sphero are always adding activities and ideas. Another great place to find lesson ideas has been Twitter. The @SpheroEdu community, and our group of Sphero Heroes, post lessons, videos, and ideas. You can use Sphero in every class for any topic.  These ideas are just the beginning. Your students will be engaged and will have a deeper understanding of the content when you get them creating and thinking critically with Spheros.

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