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Approved Add Ons

The following Google Add-On's have been approved for use by all staff in the district.

  • Formranger (Google Forms)
    • formRanger allows you to populate and refresh multiple choice, list, checkbox, and grid style question options from columns in any Google Sheet. (Find out more here)

  • Autocrat (Google Sheets)
    • The autoCrat Add-on for Google Sheets enables you to automate the creation of personalized documents and emails from the cloud. autoCrat is a multi-purpose document merge tool that allows you to take any row-based spreadsheet data and create, save, attach to email, and share templated documents.  Use <<Your own tags>> to build a template in a Google Doc or Spreadsheet, than let autoCrat mass-generate these docs, with tags and collaborators populated from data in your Sheet! (find out more here)

  • Form Mule (Google Forms)
    • formMule sends targeted, personalized emails from a Google Sheet.  Run as either a manual email merge or -- more powerfully -- as a triggered merge that runs automatically on form submit. (find out more here)