Commission on Clergy Compensation and Employee Benefits

The responsibilities of the Commission on Clergy Compensation and Employee Benefits (CCCEB) are defined in Diocesan Canons 4.5, 7.5, 7.6, 7.8.

Membership and Structure

The Commission is comprised of 12 members (six clergy, six lay):
  • 6 are elected by Diocesan Convention (three clergy, three lay)
  • 6 are elected by Diocesan Council (three clergy, three lay)  
Terms are three-years in length are staggered so that there is are three 'classes' of four members each.
Each class contains two clergy and two lay people.

Diocesan Convention and Diocesan Council each elect one clergy and one lay person per year, unless there are additional vacancies.

Vacancies occurring during a term may be filled by appointment from the CCCEB if the person was elected at Diocesan Convention, and may be filled by appointment/election by Diocesan Council if the position was originally filled by the Diocesan Council.

Members of the Commission may serve two complete consecutive terms on the Commission, and then must take a year off before additional terms may be served. If a member is appointed to a partial term, they may still serve two consecutive terms.

High Level Responsibilities

The CCCEB is canonically responsible for:
  • Design, development, implementation and management of employee benefits for clergy and eligible lay employees
  • Setting minimum clergy compensation standards and annual increases
  • administering the loans and grants program funded by the Clergy Financial Assistance Assessment
  • setting the annual assessment for Retired Clergy Medical Assistance (RCMA)
Members of the CCCEB are elected by the Diocesan Convention and Diocesan Counsel according to the provisions of the Diocesan canons. 
The Commission is chaired by the Bishop Diocesan, or an assistant bishop appointed by the Bishop Diocesan.

Diocesan Health and Welfare Benefits Trust

The commission is also responsible for the operations of the Diocesan Health and Welfare Benefits Trust (DHWBT) which serves as a fiduciary responsible for the contractual relationships, administration and management of the benefits offered by the Diocese. The members of CCCEB are also members of the board of directors of the DHWBT. The board elects a set of officers which may be different than the officers of the Commission. Information about the DHWBT may be found here.

 Current Commission Membership and Class Structure:

Chairman  (Bishop Diocesan or Appointee)

Vice Chairman and President of the Trust 
Vice President of Trust
Secretary of Commission and Trust
Treasurer  of Commission and Trust                    

Class of 2013
The Rev. Lucy Amerman
The Rev. Hentzi Elek
Ms. Judy O'Neill
Ms. Margaret Ullman


Staff/Consulting Support
The Rev. Marlee Norton, Staff, Plan Administrator
Canon Jill Mathis, Staff
Marc Andonian, Ph.D., Volunteer Benefits Consultant
Matt Reese, Volunteer Benefits Consultant



Class of 2014
The Rev. Harriet Kollin
The Rev. Ed Shiley
Ms. Loretha Badger
Mr. John Wineland


Class of 2015
The Rev. Doris Rajagopol
The Rev. Timmothy Safford
Mr. Richard Bauer
Mr. Mark Roberts