What's going on in class today? What should I do for homework tonight? When is that assignment due? When is the next holiday?

Look at our class calendar to find out!

* Each night students should be reading an independent reading book (averaging about 30 minutes per night) and creating a reading journal entry, reviewing their notes, studying for their weekly spelling test, and finishing any unfinished classwork from the school day.*

This is a tentative plan, and assignment are subject to change. Students will be notified in class and asked to update their planners accordingly if changes are made.

Abbreviations guide:

  • ELA = English Language Arts
  • WW = Wordly Wise (Vocabulary available on
  • RCC = Ready Common Core (Workbook)
  • GFW = Grammar for Writing Textbook (in-class)
  • QQ = Quick Quiz
  • HW = Homework
  • SSR = Silent Sustained Reading