State & District Requirements

The following are required of every student at Chawanakee Academy:  

  • Registration every semester 
  • Instruction in all academic areas, including fine arts and PE
  • Samples of student's work submitted and kept in a file
  • Records of studies completed and credits earned
  • Meeting on a regualr basis with the resource teacher

Beyond those basic requirements parents are given much leeway.  In general, we will be assuring that students have completed agreed upon tasks and assignments.  We will help the student and parent in becoming accountable for the student's education.  High school students are required to follow district approved courses of study for all classes.  

What students learn will be determined by district course outlines.  How student are instructed and meet course requirements will be determined by the individual needs of the students, with input from the student, parent and teacher.

Chawanakee Academy is part of the Chawanakee Unified School District, a public school district located in Eastern Madera County.  The district consists of 7 schools, including Chawanakee Academy, located in the mountains between North Fork and Yosemite Lakes Park.

The school board and administrative staff are committed to quality education, including opportunities for all students to learn in an optimal personal environment.  Chawanakee Academy was establised to support non-traditional methods of instruction, including but not exclusively, the "home study" method.