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Program Philosophy

Chawanakee Academy

Chawanakee Academy is a K-12 public school that is part of the Chawanakee Unified School District.  Our location allows us to serve students residing in Madera County, as well as students in adjacent counties.  The school board and administration are highly supportive of the many non-traditional methods of instruction offered.  Our programs differ in instruction and are completely voluntary.

Chawanakee Academy is accredited K-12 by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

Program Philosophy

Parents and students choose home school/independent study for a variety of reasons.  Some are concerned that their child will be lost in the shuffle, and some are concerned about gangs, drugs, etc.  Others are confident they can do a better job of teaching their child on a one-on-one basis at home.

Many parents believe that students do not grow or learn at the same rates.  Whatever the reason, home school/independent study places a tremendous responsibility on the student and parent or supervising adult.

Chawanakee Academy is offering their program to assist those families who have chosen an alternative instructional strategy.  The nature of home school/independent study education is unique to each situation.

Chawanakee Academy will offer home school/independent study families the services of a certificated teacher who is supportive of the philosophy and committed to helping parents and students succeed.  It offers and encourages the use of all district services and materials.  Those include computer labs, textbooks and materials, audiovisual materials, field trips, nursing services, music, sports, and a winter ski program.  You will also have full access to the Madera County Instructional Media Center - a wealth of educational information.  In addition, a parent meeting to discuss successes and any problems you may be having, will be arranged on a regular basis.