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Program Options

Traditional Program  -  Students and parents meet with teachers on a regular basis.  This may be once or more per week, but at least once per month.  Parents and teachers will collaborate with each other to determine student work for the agreed upon period.  Assessment will be done collaboratively, with the teacher having evidence that students are progressing satisfactorily meeting state standards.

Students or parents needing assistance work individually with their teacher, or take advantage of school activities, such as SSLAM, K-1 class, tutor lab, or science labs.

Intensive Program  -  Students who are enrolled in Independent Study for a short period of time from other schools will meet with teachers on a weekly basis.  Teachers make assignments and assess students.  This option is teacher directed.

Modified Program  -  Students will meet on a more frequent basis in a "classroom-type" setting.  They will complete ISP contracts on an established basis, while being assigned work similar to other students, as needed.  contract completion will be determined on an individual basis, rather than by what is completed in "class."  Attendance will be determined by work completed and time spent on work on a daily basis, as with other Chawanakee Academy students.

Sports  - At present students are invited to participate on sports teams at various "traditional" school sites in the district.