Barnstable Public Schools

For Education Portal

Barnstable Public Schools is providing access to Google Apps for Education Edition to faculty and students (grades 6-12). Google Apps is a suite of tools used for communicating and collaborating and includes Google Docs (Documents, Spreadsheets, Forms, Presentations, and Drawings), Google Calendar, Google Sites, Blogger, GMail and more.  Barnstable strives to educate our students in using these resources in a safe, responsible manor to support their learning.  To that end the tools are opened to students over time.  For example grade 6 students have access to Google docs accounts but not email. Once students are in 11th and 12th grade they have access to the majority of tools in Google Apps for Education.

Google Docs - can be accessed any where there is internet connections. 
Users can create and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, forms for online surveys/quizzes/polls, and drawings.  Work is automatically saved, and easily shared.  Users can work collaboratively on documents.  Faculty and staff can also use it as virtual storage space and up load documents and store them on the web.

Google Calendar is easy to use online calendar application.  You can create more then one calender to keep track of different groups and projects. It easy share and connect your calendar or calendars with those of your colleagues, classmates, and anyone else in your learning community. Having an online calendar that you can access from any internet connection means you always know where you need to be and what assignments you have coming due.

Google Sites is an online application for creating a web site.  If you can create a document you can create a web page. The page you are viewing is an example of a Google Site page.  Faculty and students can create a portal page combing all their need sites, resources and information share it with a group, the district, or the world.

GMail is only available for students in Grade 7-12.  Students are encouraged to use their email accounts for contacting teachers about school work.