Premarital Preparedness

A majority of couples spend more time and financial investment planning their weddings than preparing for their marriages. Developing a healthy marriage creates a positive
 impact on each person’s life and overall happiness.  A strong marriage is also the foundation of a strong family.

I  help couples create a solid foundation in order to build a lifelong, happy marriage upon. The premarital preparedness approach I take includes completing the Prepare-Enrich relationship inventory along with exploring and completing exercises unique to each couples strengths and potential growth areas. The Prepare-Enrich assessment is a program based on a set of five inventories that examine major relationship issues a couple may experience. 

We will tailor you preparedness sessions to fit your needs. Using both the award winning Prepare-Enrich Couples Assessment and couples exercises,  your sessions will be tailored into package that is right for you.

Our sessions together will enable you and your partner to:

Identify your relationship strength and growth areas
Build solid communication skills
Strengthen your relationship bond
Resolve conflicts
Explore your relationship and families-of-origin issues

Premarital preparedness is the best investment you can make in your future as a couple; get your married life off to a good start by learning the tools that will keep you together for a lifetime.