Vegas Pro 11 Download - Free Trial

Sony Creative Software has announced the launch of Vegas Pro 11 Download Software. Vegas Pro 11 Download Software is the latest version of Vegas Pro software which provides professional HD video, audio and Blu-ray Disc creation. Vegas Pro 11 will soon be available to download and buy and has a free trial download.

The Vegas Pro 11 collection combines the power of Vegas Pro with the elegance of DVD Architect to provide a dynamic and efficient environment for video and broadcast professionals. With extensive format support, unmatched effects processing, superior audio support, and a complete array of editing tools, Vegas Pro 11 gives you the creative freedom you need to produce projects with outstanding results.

Announced on Sept 9, 2011 at IBC, Vegas Pro 11 will be available in fall 2011 and offer exciting new features and more efficient workflows.

New! GPU-acceleration

Better playback — faster renders. Take advantage of the power of the GPU for smoother video playback and faster rendering. Vegas Pro leverages the GPU for video FX, transitions, compositing, pan/crop, and track motion. Vegas Pro 11 supports GPU devices from AMD and NVIDIA to accelerate your workflow.

New! Stereoscopic 3D enhancements

Create breathtaking stereoscopic 3D projects with the same ease and agility as the Vegas Pro 2D workflow. Vegas Pro 11 provides the ability to easily import, edit, and output stereoscopic 3D media — all using industry-standard professional delivery formats including single or dual files with side-by-side, top/bottom, or line-alternate encoding. Anaglyphic monitoring and output are also supported. Take advantage of the Floating Window controls in the stereoscopic 3D adjust plug-in, which enables you to easily correct screen-edge violations. Add stereoscopic 3D depth to cookie cutter, cross effect, and Iris transitions in seconds.

New! Support for RAW photo files

video editing with raw imagesWork with RAW photo files. Download the Microsoft Camera Codec Pack for Windows 7 and Windows Vista to be able to view RAW photo files from more than 120 DSLR cameras natively on the Vegas Pro timeline.

Enhanced video plug-in architecture

The new Video Effects Plug-in SDK (Software Developer's Kit), based on the Open Effects Association platform, provides updated and enhanced technology that enables third-party plug-in providers, like BorisFX, Red Giant, NewBlueFX, Re:Vision, and GenArts, to develop advanced video effect plug-ins more easily and rapidly. These additional plug-ins offer Vegas Pro 11 editors a wider variety of effects and special techniques for creating high-quality results.

Closed captioning

Add closed captions to your videos

Utilize the outstanding video production environment of Vegas Pro to create content with closed captioning, or to work with content that already contains it. Vegas Pro provides a complete end-to-end Closed Caption workflow. Import, edit, move, merge, delete, create new, preview, and export CEA-608 closed-caption data in XDCAM MFX and MPEG-2 media. Display TV-like CEA608 as an overlay during playback in the Preview and Trimmer windows. This makes it easy to check placement, edits, and timing of CC information.

New! Event synchronization

Keep numerous events in sync by applying the Sync Link tool. When two events are linked, they remain in sync with each other while the main event is moved anywhere on the timeline. When the secondary event is moved, however, the main event stays in place. This enables users to maintain better control over the editing process.

Audio effects

Vegas Pro software supports DirectX and VST effects from a variety of vendors. Audio effects can be applied to all events on a track, to busses, or as assignable effects. Apply over 30 customizable, real-time audio effects, as well. Automate delays, reverbs, EQs and more with envelope control for each parameter. Use automated effects such as Track EQ, Reverb, Chorus, Delay, Noise Gate, and Flange/Wah/Phase. 5.1 DirectX® effects for the master bus include EQ, Dither, and Wave Hammer Surround compression tools.

New! Text tools

add text and type effect to your videos

Quickly add motion to text events with the new Titles and Text plug-in. Select from a list of animated presets that can be applied to any project with a simple drag-and-drop. Create your own professional-looking titles with the ProType Titler tool, which has been improved for simpler timeline interaction.

New! Enhanced image stabilization

Use image stabilization technology to reduce jitter and shaky video footage. Users with video footage shot from handheld camcorders, and without the assistance of a tripod, will have the ability to quickly salvage this media using several optimized presets. The improved image stabilization technology available in Vegas Pro 11 independently analyzes movement on the X, Y, and Z camera axes, providing tremendous precision and incredibly smooth results. The new stabilization tool also includes automatic rolling-shutter correction of the jello/skew/wobble effects caused by some CMOS camcorders.